Unite through Advocacy

Unite through Education

Unite through Support

Join your Heart and hands with uniting for life

Together WE can improve minority health!

“Poor health plagues our people and so our mission has grown. Minority health disparities abound, not only in cancer but also in heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. As we work to eliminate those disparities, I urge you to join your heart and hands with ours, so that together we may achieve a healthier future”

Roland O. Campbell, Jr.
Uniting for Life

How can I help?

A healthy community can only grow through action by it’s members! 


Unite through Advocacy

Join the fight against the inequalities that lead to health disparities. Share your talents and volunteer!


Unite through Compassion

Do you know someone that is chronically ill? Encouragement and support goes a long way in making a difference with the individual and the community!


Unite through Education

Choose health! Making simple lifestyle changes yourself can encourage your loved ones to live healthier and more vibrant lives!

Why should I care?

Minority families all over America disproportionately suffer from higher rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

  •  78% of African American women and 76% of Hispanic woman are overweight or obese*
  • African Americans and Hispanics are 2.2 times more likely to die from Diabetes*
  • High blood pressure in African Americans is the highest in the world*

 These very real health disparities exist for many reasons, including: lifestyle choices, social and physical environments, income, education, nutrition, and access to quality care. Uniting for Life believes that together we can bring about change.

 *JAMA 2010;303(3) 235-241 
*US department of Health & Human Services, 2009
*American Heart Association, 2010