The Uniting For Life Story

In the spring of 1991, I learned that my vibrant and beautiful daughter, Tria, had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Tria did not have equal access to life-giving care because there were only a few African Americans registered to donate. Our chances of finding the right match for her were one in a million, but we had to try. Family, friends and our local community leaders united in a national search. While we recruited thousands of donors, the right donor was never found.

In honor of Tria's fearless spirit, we resolved to continue our work to improve access to care. We established Uniting for Life in 1993. In our first year we dramatically increased awareness of the need for minority donors. UJIMA, our marrow drive especially for African Americans, was the second largest single-day minority drive ever held in America. After two years, UFL recruited over 2000 new African American donors to the registry.

Poor health plagues our people and so our mission has grown. Minority health disparities abound, not only in cancer but also in heart disease, obesity and diabetes. As we work to eliminate those disparities, I urge you to join your heart and hands with ours, so that together we may achieve a healthier future for those we love.

Roland O. Campbell Jr.
Uniting for Life